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Epicus-TS Flat Surface Mount Assembly Instructions

Download Flat Surface Mount Assembly PDF Here

Download PDF Instructions
epicus-ts sacanner with cables, mounting pipe

The unit is PRESET for “plug and play”, ready to scan in about 30-45 seconds.

temperature scanner cables detailtemperature scanner cables and update USB

Step H 
(USB not included)

epicus-ts temperature scanner close up on the connection and mounting parts
  5. AC POWER ADAPTER - (12v)
*For instructions to Change Mask Settings using USB Port, go to

Step A

Choose a safe indoor wall location close to a power outlet where people will not collide with the kiosk. Stay clear of walkways, opening doors or obstacles as well as any direct heat source such as equipment, hot lights, heat vents or direct sunshine.
  1. Draw a level line 48 to 54” above the floor. This will put the scanner sensors where you can adjust the tilt up or down for best performance. Holding the top edge of the plate level under the line, use a pencil to outline the four inside holes in the plate onto the wall.
  2. Wall Mount Notes ** Mounting methods and anchors are “typical” but may not fit your wall type. Consult a service professional familiar with your architecture before choosing.
  3. Remove hex nut (2) from mounting tube. Thread cables thru mounting plate (6) hole and hex nut. Tighten hex nut to secure it to plate turning the screen to the desired direction.
  4. Bend the green cable ends back toward the mounting tube and thread the black cable ends through the black flexible cable sleeve. The green end cables remain hidden.
  5. Use the small Allen wrench from the scanner box to tighten screws behind the scanner and adjust the tilt of scanner.
  6. Plug the round barrel connector into the scanner before plugging the AC Adapter to 110v outlet.
power drill and a brick wall

Step B
Mounting the plate to the wall 

temp scanner detail of the mounting pipe and wall plate

Step C

temperature scanner cables and cable sleeve detail

Step D 
Cable Sleeve

adjusting the angle of temperature scanner with allen wrench

Step E 
Tighten Tilt Adjustment

Tip: Tighten until unit is stiff but where you can still adjust the tilt angle in use.

Step A
Mark the location with a level line.

temperature scanner wall plate
Use two top outside holes for drywall and Use Four Outside Holes for Concrete
drawing a leveled line on the wall for temp scanner wall plate
Draw in holes to be used to clearly identify center.
temp scanner wallplate drilling holes

Securing the wall plate. Choose Wall Type.

power drill and a brick wallscrews for the wall plate

Concrete or Cinderblock Wall:

  • Using 3/16” masonry bit (not included) drill the center FOUR holes 2” deep. Take care to drill the center of each hole you marked.
  • Take care to keep the bit straight to avoid wobbling which may oversize the holes where the TAPCON screws will not tighten.
  • Hand insert the 4 blue Tapcon bolts so all 4 are aligned before tightening in an alternating pattern a few turns at a time on each bolt. Adjust to keep the plate on the level line as you tighten each bolt until flush.
  • Take care not to overtighten with power tools which may enlarge the hole in the cinder block so the tapcon screw “spins” and does not grip entirely. You must have at least two firmly secure tapcon screws.
  • If you do make a mistake, don’t worry. There are four more alternative holes in the plate. Take the loose screw out and try again.


  • Mark the center of the top two outside holes. Softly, drill ½” holes for TOP (2) holes only.
    It’s important to go slowly and stop at the back side of the drywall to avoid hitting wiring or plumbing in the wall.
    Use two “Snap Toggle” bolts to secure the plate. Each snap toggle will hold up to 265 lbs of vertical force in ½” drywall.
Hint: Search You Tube “Snap toggle” for easy instructions. To level your plate, first, hand tighten both toggles before tightening. Align the top of the plate to the level line from Step A before using the wrench to snug the bolts tight.
snap toggle
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