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FAQ Epicus-TS

What is different about the Epicus-TS vs. other scanners?

Epicus-TS measures entire face using Focal Plane Array with 10,800 thermal pixels (120 x 90 Focal Plane Array). The tablet, sensors, binocular camera, processor and memory are dedicated to the facial scanner. Traffic efficiency is more than five times higher than thermopile with higher precision.
Android tablets run slower with lower resolution thermopile sensor with 256 to 1024 pixels (16 x 16 ~ 32 x 32 resolution) to focuses on a single point requiring person to stop and look directly at a particular area of the screen.
Some scanners require the person to touch the screen to activate the scan defeating the purpose of a touchless temperature scan.
Operator manned PC based systems use a heat camera to create a crowd heat photo of multiple persons at a fixed distance and usually stopped.

Will the ETS Kiosk tablet will be available for School Opening?

Yes, we have large shipments arriving, but this product is in very high demand with inventory allocated on first come first serve basis.

Is any touch or interaction required to operate?

The TS kiosk is touchless and requires no interaction by a staff member or student.

How fast is the temperature scan?

300ms to thermally scan a moving face at a walking pace, with or without a mask.
Enhanced Artificial Intelligence TS mode <1 second to identify a student momentarily paused in front of the kiosk.

How many people can be scanned at once?

Automatically scans one face at a time single file walking pace.

What is the temperature scanning threshold?

The default setting is 99.5 °F (equiv. of 100.4°F taken orally). It can be calibrated and changed using a Windows software from a connected PC.

How accurate is the temperature scan?

Extremely accurate. ± 0.63 °F. 

Where is the data stored?

Images and readings are stored immediately on the device with the option to consolidate the data using AI Management Console to any admin approved storage on the LAN behind your firewall.

What are the most effective Kiosk locations?

Each building entrance door or gate check point. A mobile unit at the car line allows staff to signal parents before they leave. Bus door kiosks allow drivers to seat appropriately.

Will the kiosk work outdoors?

For best scanning performance use out of direct sunlight under a covered area or indoors. Direct sunlight or other strong heat sources behind the person being scanned may interfere with the accuracy. The tablet display is weather resistant for covered, protected outdoor use, but the tablet thermal sensors should not be directly exposed to the weather.

What is the standard warranty?

One-year replacement for manufacture defects only.

Can the Kiosk facial recognition be repurposed for other uses after Covid?

Yes, the facial recognition integrates with access controls (electronic door or gate locks). Stored photos can also be used for intruder alerts if individuals enter who should not be on campus.

How much setup and training are required?

Out of Box Plug and Play. No training required. Power up and begin scanning within 30 seconds. As students walking to within a few feet, it immediately flashes Green or Red with an audio alert based on normal or abnormal temperature range.

Enhanced TS Symptom Reporting adds facial recognition to identify each child and record each reading for symptom tracking and contact tracing. Setup entails uploading names in a csv file along with student photos using the EZ-Pass Windows software from a connected PC.

What type of Symptom Tracking Reporting is available?

Kiosk records show ID, photos, body temperature, mask status and scan date-time by kiosk. Visitors are also recorded in the same way but without ID.

Graphics dashboard shows abnormal temp readings, mask status, and the number of devices online.

Raw data reports be downloaded into excel for symptom monitoring documentation and reporting.

Is this a medical device?

No, facial thermal recognition function of the Epicus-TS is not a medical application. The FDA has provided guidance that allows the use of industrial and non-medical temperature sensing devices to screen in high density, non-medical environments, such as a building, factory, airport or school. Thermal sensing alerts via tele-thermographic device can neither diagnose or rule out COVID-19 and the finding of fever must be confirmed with either an FDA-approved noncontact infrared thermometer or clinical-grade contact thermometer. This device is not for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease including Covid-19.
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