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EPICUS-TS Temperature Scanner Mounting Options

Desktop Stand

  • Rotate, tilt
  • Height adjustable (3")
temperature scanner on a pipe mount

Traditional Pipe Mount

  • For pedestal, countertop or cart
  • included with purchase

Wall Mount

  • Rotate 45°
  • Tilt
temperature scanner device mounted on a cart with casters

Mobile AV Cart

  • Mount with the included pipe mount (30mm diameter)
  • Tilt up or down
  • Four casters (2 Locking) Locking AV cabinet
  • 12 ft power cord and three outlets with cord winder
  • Top is height adjustable upon assembly
temperature scanner mounted on a pole on a floor stand

Floor Stand

  • Uses the pipe mount included with the TS (30mm diameter)
  • Tilt up or down
  • Free standing steel base
  • Holes for permanent floor mounting
  • Height adjustable aluminum telescoping
  • Head with a shoe allows for removal of device
  • Lock not included
  • Height adjustable with hex set screw

Mobile Stand

  • Tilt up or down
  • Height adjustable
  • Steel utility shelf for battery or laptop
  • Four locking casters

Battery Pack

  • Lithium ion 143wh
  • 9-10 hours run time without charging
  • Battery charge Indicators
  • AC adapter to 12V in
  • Charges and powers simultaneously through 12V out port
  • USB port 5V for phones
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